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Proficient Capital Limited is built on Trust and Honesty, we understand that high ethical standard is important in fostering relationship between financial institutions and customers. Without Trust we will be unable to build long lasting relationship. We are committed to provide an unrival customer experience through innovation and technology. Our corporate focus is to become one of Africa's most respected finance service provider through strong Governance and great risk management.

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  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Competent Team
  • Goal Oriented
  • Quick Access to Loans
  • High Returns on Investments
  • & Much More ...

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How it Began

See a video of how it all began, years of Hardwork, Integrity, and Proficiency.
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Mobile Cash Centers

Proficient Capital Cash Points gives our customers and potentials the freedom to deposit and withdraw cash and also bring banking services closer to everyday people especially in the unbanked and the underbanked segments of the society..

PayDay Loan

Proficient Capital Pay-Day loan is an un-collaterised loan designed and tailored for salary earners to meet urgent financial challenges.

Petty-Trader's Loan

This is a loan designed to support petty traders in the market, we offer petty traders the ability to grow their small businesses and move forward. This product is designed because we commited to seeing businesses excel irrespective of their size.

Copper's Loan

Proficient Corpers Loan assists corps members register under the Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) to start up small businesses which can generate income and also create employment opportunities around them.

Home Appliances Loan

We have partnered with some of the most popular home appliance providers such as Thermocool, to enable you buy everything you need to make your home precisely the way you dreamed ,in the most cost effective way. Do you want an appliance?


Saving culture is never too late to induce in life. It is actually the insurance to the future. Our fixed deposit offer gives you reason to save with peace of mind. The interest rate we offer gives you good return for your hard-earned money.

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Dear esteemed Customer, Proficient Capital will never ask you to reveal you private banking details. Please always be on alert against fraudulent activities..