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Saving culture is never too late to induce in life. It is actually the insurance to the future. Our fixed deposit offer gives you reason to save with peace of mind. The interest rate we offer gives you good return for your hard-earned money.


  • 1.One passport photograph
  • 2. Duly filled Proficient Fixed Deposit Form
  • 2. Resident permit for foriegners
  • 3. Acceptable means of Identification such as Driving license, National ID, Voters ID, International Passport


  • Must be 19 - 55 years of age where by the tenor does not exceed the retirement age.
  • Must have a verifiable employment and income.
  • Must have a clean credit history or good credit Bureau report from a recognised credit report agency such as CRS Credit Bureau Nigeria.

Options OF Payment

Typically, our return of funds happens through 3 methods


Monthly Payment

  • Under this plan you can choose to get your interest monthly while the principal runs till the tenor elapses.


Upfront Payment

  • This plan allows you take your interest upfront same day you lock your funds with us.


  • Unlike the monthly and upfront plans, you can only access your interest and principal at the end of the tenor.