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payday Loan

Proficient Capital Pay-Day loan is an un-collaterised loan designed and tailored for salary earners to meet urgent financial challenges. If you are looking for a quick, affordable cost loan, Proficient Capital Personal loan could be the one because we are here to ignite your progress, our personal loan allows you to decide the amount and repayment schedule that works for you.


  • Complete Proficient loan form
  • Most recent six(6) months bank account statement
  • Employer's letter, or promotion letter.
  • Provide acceptable means of Identification such as National ID, Drivers license, voters' card, and international passport
  • Cheque leaflet.
  • One guarantor


  • Must be 19 - 55 years of age where by the tenor does not exceed the retirement age.
  • Must have a verifiable employment and income.
  • Must have a clean credit history or good credit Bureau report from a recognised credit report agency such as CRS Credit Bureau Nigeria.


  • Collateral free
  • Process is completed within (24) hours upon meeting the requirement.
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Can be accessed for a number of cycles as long as the customer repays well and does not default
  • Flexible repayment period structured according to the borrowers capacity.
  • Resolve unforseen financial demands.
  • Employer loan administration burden now regularised to proficient Capitals Limited thereby letting the employer focus on their core business.